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Title: Triumph TR-3A
Condition: Used
Year: 1959
Body Style: Convertible
Price: $ 21,500.00
VIN: TS 57326L
Description: Subject Vehicle:1959 Triumph TR-3A, Commission # TS 57326 L, Engine # TS 57305 E, Brass Body Tag EB 55674. #29394 NC License Plate. Sebring White Roadster, 2 seat, Black Leather with White Piping interior, removable Black soft top.
Optional Equipment: 60 Spoke Wire Wheels, Radial Tires, Heater, Tonneau cover. Wind wings.
Vehicle Physical Condition: Documented from extensive photographs and statements made by owner.
Documentation: Purchased in 1991. Body off restoration completed in 1992/3. Driven less than 3000 miles in 22 years of ownership.
Overall Condition Rating (1-5 scale) 2
Vehicle is in very good condition after a complete body off frame restoration. Complete, correct and dent free. Shows Well!
Odometer Reading: 92,086 miles
Body: Original configuration sheet metal, TR-3A. pre TS 60000 body change, no dents or substantial body damage, panel alignment is good for a TR3. Body photos during 1992/3 restoration shows very little rust repair being made. Has original floorboards, inner and outer sills, wheels, trunk floor, battery box, dog legs, fenders and outer body panels.
Chrome: Front and rear bumpers/bumperetts present and chrome in very good condition. Windscreen and Windscreen Stations are present and original chrome in good condition, S.S. Fender beading present and new condition. Hood hinges chrome in good condition. Front Emblem is blue and white - good condition. Front lettering is Rib Styled and in good condition. Front grille - very good condition. Head light rings in good condition.
Paint - Quality overall good, done in 1993 with some apparent minor defencts. Color is Sebring White.
Weather Equipment: Black Amco after market top. Black Tonneau and Hood stick cover present and in very good condition. Black aftermarket Aluminum side curtains present and in good condition.
Wheels and Tires: 5 Qty. 60 Spoke Painted Dunlap/Dayton Wire Wheels with 165R15 68T Radial Tires that are about 3 years old with full tread depth
Transmission: Manual
Drivetrain: 2WD
Engine: 4
Fuel: Diesel
Mileage: 92,086 miles
Exterior Color: White
Interior Color: Black
Additional Information: Suspension & Steering: Good condition. Steering gear box has minor free play issue, typical of this vintage car.
Under Carriage: Frame in good condition. Car sits very well.
Trunk Area: Floor mat and mill board tank cover, present and in good condition. Trunk has been carpeted. Jack, crank handle, wire wheel hammers and after market tool roll present and in good condition.
Under Hood: Clean, with attention to mechanical detail.
Engine: TS 57305 E . Engine has been rebuilt at some time before 1991 and is strong.
Transmission: Original, non overdrive type, with non synchronized first gear. Typical gear lever rattle present in moderate level of noise. No substantial leaks present.
Rear End: 3.7 to 1 standard ratio filled. Typical minor front pinion seal leak.
Brakes: Girling discs front and drums rear as fitted from factory. Dot 5 silicon fluid used and looks good. Brakes work good.
Mechanical: All items present and in good working order. Radiator is of original style with crank hole present, inside neck area is clean and filled with clean anti freeze mixture.
Electrical: Wiring harness has been replaced using a Moss Motors reproduction harness during the restoration and is in very good condition and complete. all electrical items are in working order. Addition of an aftermarket battery charging system installed to keep battery at full charge during storage.
Instrumentation: All correct, present and working, not restored.
Interior: Trim color - Black Leather with white piping. Black nylon carpeting. heat Shield Insulation installed under carpeting for reduced heat and noise transmission into the vehicle. Interior is new Moss Motors and in very good condition. Shows well.
Overall: The car is very presentable, high quality and representative of what Triumph produced in July 1959
Name/Dealer Name: David Orr
City: Hillsborough
ZIP Code: 27278
State: North Carolina
Country: United States
Phone: 919-225-4093
Registration Date: Jul 08, 2013
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  • This car looks to be a great deal for a fully restored car.
    justinbsc / Jul 16, 2013 07:29
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